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Call UK for 0.7 cents per minute


USA to

  • UK: 0.7 ¢
  • Cellular: 1.2 ¢
  • Cellular Special: 24.36 ¢
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Prepay at 0.7 ¢ /min:

$10 = 1429 minutes
$20 = 2857 minutes
$50 = 7143 minutes


Enjoy low prepaid rates when calling anywhere in Europe with Mobile Europe. Mobile Europe offers three one rounding, and a low weekly fee when calling UK from USA. The advantage of one minute rounding is that you save money when placing shorter duration calls to UK. For when dialing from USA to Europe, this is the best mobile and phone service you will find. Do not worry, you can change your international calling plan from Mobile Europe to another Mobile Caller plan at any time. We will even transfer the balance to the new plan instantly. Enjoy Mobile Europe for its low rounding, and great rates to call from USA to UK.

Rounding : 3 - minute
Connection Fee : 17 %
Maintenance Fee : $0.99  weekly
Payphone Surcharge : 99 ¢
Communication Fees : 10
Expiration : 1 Year (365 Days from last use)
Rechargeable : Yes

Works from Canada : Yes
Works from Hawaii : Yes
Works from Alaska : No
Access Numbers : View List
U.S Domestic Rate : 4.9 ¢

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